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JOURNEY — A peace of mind when sharing your car

This version has been taken down from the app store due to a business strategy change.


People sharing their cars with friends, family, baby sitters or in car sharing platforms. However most people don't know that when someone else is driving their cars then get into an accident, the car owners' insurance premium secretly go up. That's because the insurance in market right now is based on cars instead of drivers. Journey created a new car insurance which is based on drivers instead of cars allows car owners to share their cars with a peace of mind.




The core target is a small group of people who are really concerned about privacy and safety. They can’t avoid lending their cars to people who are close to them. They are worried about putting their cars and premium on other people's hands.




Journey is an app that allows car owners to safely share their cars by offering a personal insurance plan for the borrowers based on their driving history, give access of their cars to people they trust and manage the cars during the borrowing period. 

Journey is also an app that allows borrowers to borrow from friends and purchase a personal insurance to have a safe trip.

Main Features:

  • Private & owner centered.

  • Hourly insurance provided to borrowers. Give owners a peace of mind.

  • Monitoring the car when the borrower is using it.




To give owners a peace of mind, they can check car locations during the borrowing period.




Showing the hourly insurance which are based on different driving behaviors. Highlights the most important coverages and the deductible amount. Scroll to show more insurance details.


Selected UI



NEW DIRECTION — The car insurance solution for sharing economy

Due to a business direction change, the product transferred from a B2C product to a B2B platform. The project I've been working on is focusing on reaching out and convincing business partners, embedding Journey features into partner's products.

(The content is now confidential. I will show it privately upon requests)




Owner side: Cross platform car rental management tool

Borrower side: Car rental platform with access to all cars including personal owned cars, fleets and enterprise rental.


Wondering why there is a change of style? Check out the branding project for Journey.

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